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IARF Benefits

Benefits of forming a local IARF Retiree Club.

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Executive Board

Here to help keep retired Fire Fighters involved in their retirement and the fire service.


IARF stays involved by attending events such as parades, ceremonies, and more.

Political Action

Stay politically active and keep an interest in your retirement, pension, and benefits.


From golf outings to fishing tournaments, we stay involved with active and retired members helping raise funds for good causes.

AFFI Events

We stay involved in current AFFI events and attend Conventions and meetings as well to keep you informed of what is happening.

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  • Upcoming March 19, 2024: Primary November 5, 2024: General election Election, get out and VOTE!
  • April Meeting April 27, 2024 Creehans Irish Pub 5500 N. Belt West Belleville
  • Annual Meeting/Picnic July  27, 2024 Peoria Fire Fighter Club 203 S. 4th Street Dunlap Illinois
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Benefits of forming a local IARF Retiree Club

  1. Elect Club Officers.  Schedule Club Meetings.
  2. Staying in contact with your friends and co-workers.
  3. Being informed with the correct information - discussing and identifying problems of retirees in your City and State wide.
  4. Keeping up to date on Firefighter Pension Laws and any changes.
  5. Have an active member assigned from your Local Union to attend and keep you informed on their activities.
  6. Invite guest speakers- Council Members, any interest for the well being of your members.
  7. Invite candidates for public office to speak to you and seek your support.  Let them know you are a viable organization and your endorsement means something.
  8. Donate time and money to the candidate of your choice.
  9. Help with or conduct Firefighter Memorial Services.
  10. Sponsor a picnic, dance for a get together for members.
  11. Committe for sick brothers/sisters.
  12. Send out occasional newsletter to all retiree's.
  13. Submit articles and or pictures to the IARF semi-annual magazine.
  14. Work for charities, donate to them - get your name recognized - again as a viable organization.
  15. Work hand in hand with your active FF Local Unions! Very Very Important!!
  16. Your club with only be as good and strong as you make!!

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